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The author would like to thank the many officers and staff members of UNDP, UN Women, the State Chancellery and the National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova, and other departments of government, who provided valuable information, advice and guidance. In particular, Victoria Cujba, Ala Negruta, Adrian Ionescu and Anastasia Divinskaya, have consistently provided substantive guidance in the light of their experience in the decentralization process and the Joint Integrated Local Development Programme (JILDP).  The author is also grateful to the National Consultants, Maria Vremis and Viorica Craievschi-Toarta, and to Aurelia Spataru, UNDP Moldova, for their contributions to the conception and drafting of the text, as well as to many individuals and members of NGOs who sat with team members to provide their views and experience on the meaning and assessment of the decentralization process.  Nevertheless, any remaining errors are the responsibility of the author.

The views expressed in this report, including its analysis and recommendations, are those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the institutions of the United Nations or of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.



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Download: http://gender.at.ua/files/Assessment_Report_Aug_2013_as_eg_UNW.docx

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