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First day of IInd Feminist Congress in Buenos Airs/Argentina

Argentinian women of different social backgrounds, academic, labor, political and professional, prepared the Second Feminist Congress in Buenos Aires in May 2010.
This Congress is held framed in commemoration of the centennial of the "1st International Women’s congress of Argentina” in Argentina 1910 and the Bicenternary of the May Revolution of 1810, the forerunner of their national intependence and anti-colonial struggles in Latin America and the world.
The aim was to balance the twentieth century in relation to the progress and setbacks experienced by the living situation of women in the world, as a condition to guide the future struggles. Rescuing the histtorical imprint of "women’s studies and gender” are the theoretical position, understanding that the struggle of women against their oppression is part of the true and final national independence and social liberation of peoples.
Congress operates under a table format for presentation of thematic papers, rapports of collective experiences by their protagonists of its characters and opden discussion forums.
Invited are historians’ women, scholars’s women and activists’ women for the rights of women, who share the general objective of the Congress and were willing to offer their research and experiences as instruments of political action and proposals to direct the struggle for equality and social emancipation of women.
Women from all over the world answered to this call. At the opening of the Congress at 18 h in the Congress Room of Hotel Bauen there were more than 300 women coming from everywhere. The coordination comittee, also Graciela Tejero Coni from the women’s museum Buenos Aires, explains the Congress and the musical women’s group La China Cruel was concluding the evening. They perform lyricism tango up t its most suburban kinds and always from a womanish environment and subjects.

class="aligncenterOnly on Thursday morning there were 42 Paper readings and audio-visual formats at the different class rooms of the University "J.F. Kennedy” in the Bartolomé Mitre Street.

The topics are the same as they were 100 years ago:
Women’s Health (speakers from Venezuela, Argentina, Georgia)
Habitat, Ecology and Environment (speakers from Argentina)
Memory, Resistance and Gender during Dictatoships (speakers from Brasil, Argentina, Colombia)
A Century of Migratory Processes (speakers from Argentina, Brasil)
Use of Power and Violence among sexes (speakers from Argentina, Italia, Portugal, Mexico)
A Century of Women Encounters and Congress (speakers from Argentina, Spain, USA, Mexico)
Mass Media: Ehtic and Aesthetics (speakers from Brasil, Argentina)
Women, Overproduction of Good and Hanger arount the World (speakers from Argentina, Germany, Spain, Chile)

In the afternoon were the report of experience of the Casa de la Mujer Azucena Villaflor. Unfortunately Línea Fundadora from the "Madres de Plaza de Mayo” couldn’t come in time from Rome to partecipate. In the discussion after the report it was clear: It is a lot to do all over the world to stop the violence against women.
In the evening a sole theatrical show with trough stories and songs written by women of different origins was the end of the first congress day.


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