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CfP European Conferene on Politics and Gender

Second European Conference on Politics and Gender 13 - 15 January 2011

Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
call for papers
Papers and panels are invited to one of the following ten sections:
1. Social Movements (Chair: Sabine Lang)
2. States, Gendered Institutions & Public Policy (Chairs: Fiona Mackay &
Louise Chappell)
3. Political Representation (Chair: Rainbow Murray)
4. Research Methodologies and Methods (Chair: Petra Meier)
5. Violence, War and Security (Chair: Marsha Henry)
6. Gender, Development and Democracy (Chair: Georgina Waylen)
7. Sexuality and the Body (Chair: Ute Kalender)
8. Identity and Multiculturalism (Chair: Birgit Sauer)
9. Citizenship (Chair: Teresa Kulawik)
10. European and International Governance (Chair: Anna Van der Vleuten)
Deadline for proposals is 18 June 2010

The ECPG conference is organised by the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and
Politics. It is a broad-based network on issues relating to the study of
gender and sexuality in politics and world politics.
The Second ECPG aims to strengthen and expand the gender and politics
community in Europe and beyond.
By fostering intellectual, political and social connections, the conference
also aims to ensure that gender as a research field within politics and
women in the profession are taken seriously by ECPR and other professional
organisations for political science.
Visit the conference website for more information and to submit a proposal
If you have any questions, please email the conference organisers:
Faith Armitage ( or Karen Celis (


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