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NORA - Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research, number 2/2010 is out
This second issue of NORA 2010 indicates that the field of feminist and
gender research, with its internal paradoxes, multiple contradictions, and
transversal dialogues, has truly come of age. That is why we need our
differently situated maps, our variously cartographic readings of the
present state of the field. NORA aims to be such a—both creative and
critical—site where feminist scholars and gender researchers compare maps.

The new issue of NORA contains the following articles:
1) Comparing Maps
Cecilia Еsberg; Malin Rцnnblom; and Redi Koobak
Pages 67 – 69

Original Articles
2) White Ethnography: (Un)comfortable Conveniences and Shared Privileges in
Field-Work with Swedish Migrant Women
Catrin Lundstrцm
Pages 70 – 87

3) Making Equality Diverse? Merged Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination
Measures in Norway
Susanne Bygnes
Pages 88 – 104

4) Trouble in Paradise: Exploring Patterns of Research and Policy Response
to Men's Violence in Denmark and Sweden
Keith Pringle; Dag Balkmar; and LeeAnn Iovanni
Pages 105 – 121

Position Paper
5) Faux Feminism? A Reply to Mia Liinason's Position Paper
Lena Gemzцe
Pages 122 – 128

Short Comment
6) Feminist Challenges: Response to Lena Gemzцe
Mia Liinason
Pages 129 – 130

Taking Turns
7) The Timeliness of Post-Constructionism
Nina Lykke
Pages 131 – 136

Book Reviews
8) A Scandinavian Model of Gender Equality?
Guрbjцrg Linda Rafnsdуttir
Pages 137 – 139

9) Extending Family: Lesbian Baby Boomers, Heteronormativities, Sexual
Citizenship, and Kinship
Irina Schmitt
Pages 140 – 143

10) Tormented Femininities
Jonathan Dean
Pages 144 – 147

As always, we hope that the articles and papers introduced here in this
second issue of NORA 2010 will be useful in your research, teaching, and
feminist activism within or outside academia. There is still so much we have
in store for you, and we hope that you will continue to visit our web site,
browse issues, and download articles (at

As the temperatures start to rise with this spring issue of NORA, we hope to
leave you, dear readers, anticipating the next new issue of NORA. However,
we also wish to encourage you as authors to submit your work in the new
electronic system, the Manuscript Central (

So, please enjoy this new issue, and we hope you feel warmly invited to
compare maps with NORA!

Best wishes,
Cecilia Еsberg, Malin Rцnnblom and Redi Koobak
Editorial team of NORA

NORA – Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research

Editorial address:
Department of Gender Studies
The Tema Institute
Linkцping University
581 83 Linkцping
e-mail: nora@tandf.no

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