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Women Work. Pictures of the Invisible
Під час Міжнародного феміністичного конгресу, що відбувся з 19 по 23 травня 2010 р. в Буенос-Айресі було представлено виставку фоторобіт Arqta Adriana Palomo "Women Work. Pictures of the Invisible"
Ось, що розповідає авторка про свої роботи:

"During the period of time showcased, the feminine world acquires an unprecedented multiplicity and becomes a productive pulley, essential to the enormous accumulative capitalist expansion.
The showcase proposes a visual journey, an interrogation and undressing of femininity in the productive world. It is built on the role that Barthes attributes to photography: "It is subversive, not when it is scary, upsets or even stigmatizes, but when it is thoughtful”. His photography, with its’ enormous symbolic load, can reveal the meaning of being a woman and how this impacts in women’s roles in each historic period.
Gabriela de Laperriere de Coni, Carolina Muzzilli, Juan Bialet Masse, among many others, have described women’s working conditions, whose lives and maternity were torn in inhuman factories.
Pictures of these women had never appeared publicly, as they would amplify the slow agony of thousand of female workers and would unveil the hypocrite protectionist speech of the governing elite.
Photographic invisibility of female work, mirror of the socials’, subsists within the domestic environment and is reflected in family albums, keys to unveil the interaction between social and personal memories.
A totalizing way of documenting it is adding "looks” to amplify the record to marginal expressions of popular culture. Within the show, professional and amateur photography dialogue and confront either in Carnival like pictures, in school or theatrical staging, becoming a reflection of the representative costume of each occupation".

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