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Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20

Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20
Declaration and recommendations

Dear NGO Forum Participants, 
We would like to remind you that the outcome document of our Forum, the "Geneva NGO Forum Beijing+20 Declaration" is online on the Forum Website
As already communicated, we most welcome your comments and input on the draft recommendations part. These can be sent to Please note however the deadline of Sunday 9 November midnight!
Again, we thank you all for your extraordinary active participation to this Forum! On our side, it has been an memorable journey… and a real privilege and pleasure to meet you and have you all gathered in the Palais des Nations in Geneva: we sincerely hope that a new momentum has been created to
act | advance | achieve Women’s Rights!
Statements and presentations, as well as pictures, videos and audio recordings will be shared via the Forum website in the coming days (or week…)
With kind regards, 
for the Beijing+20 Geneva NGO Forum Organizing Team

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